Language Services translates texts for you. 


  • Websites
  • Literary texts (novels, poems, short stories, children’s literature…)
  • Technical materials (software, manuals, leaflets…)
  • Marketing texts (product descriptions, press releases…)
  • Textbooks (tutorials, teaching materials…)
  • Screenplays
  • Radio scripts
  • etc.

Proofreading already existing translations is also part of our range of services.

Long or short, academic or poetic: each text is a new challenge. Extensive linguistic training and a feeling for language, intercultural experiences and creativity are needed in order to produce a natural-sounding and presentable text in your desired language. At Language Services, we have all of that – and on top of that, we’re passionate about our work and listen to our customers.

Prices vary depending on the source and target language, as well as on the length of the text. Both calculation per word and as a flat fee is possible – contact us today to get an individual offer.